4-1/2 years!!! How is that possible?!?!



It has been four and a half years since my last post. How is that possible?!?!  Of course, I know how, but it doesn’t seem like it has been that long. In that time, we fixed up our old house and sold it in November 2013. The same month we also bought a fixer upper that we have been putting our blood, sweat and tears into it. I will work on some posts about our old house and then get onto the new one.

I have heard it time and again but found it so true, you finally get your house the way you want it when you are getting ready to sell it. It was bittersweet for me, as I had purchased that house as a single woman, met my husband, got married and we started our life together in that house. We updated some many things in the last few years we lived there that I was super sad to sell it.


Fashionably Fun and Framed



PB239833 (2)

Years ago, I’m talking probably 10 years, a friend gave me this little purse painting. She bought it at an art fair, so I’ve never been able to find the source to purchase another. There it sat, lonely on the wall for all these years:


The room it is in is a small room that my husband and I use for our closet. We live in a small cape cod house. The second floor has a bedroom, half bath and this little room. You would fit a single bed in there if you wanted but not much else. It isn’t technically a bedroom since it doesn’t have a heat vent. We have one wall of closet. We built shelves on another wall. It is essentially a very large walk in closet. I love it!

Last week I had about half hour to kill so I went into Hobby Lobby. I found the answer to my problem! In the clearance section I found a vinyl decal of a dress form and in the frame section found a clearance frame. The total out the door purchase was $6.18. Not bad and I really like the final product.


I cut off the back part of the frame with a razor blade. (Sorry blurry photo – trying to take it left handed)


I then added the vinyl to the glass. I wanted to make sure it was centered, so I measured the center of the frame using the backing. I also found the center of the vinyl form and wrote on the plastic covering. With the vinyl, it wasn’t centered on the plastic, so I used the height and width of the form itself.


A bit of quick math and I had my center, I lined up both and voila!


Next, I glued the glass to the frame. I started with a clear silicon my husband had. It expired in 2010. I let it set for two days. When it still hadn’t cured, I cleaned up the glass and frame and switched to good old super glue. That worked like a charm. I was careful when applying so I didn’t get any glue where it would show past the frame.

Then I added it to the wall.


Do you like the stencil that the previous home owner added and I’ve never done anything with? I have some buttercream colored paint that I plan on painting these builder white walls with. I’ve been planning on painting these walls for the 12 years I’ve lived here. With hopes of getting the house sold in the spring, I think they will be painted real soon.

What do you think for my $6 investment???

Crayon Can


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My daughter loves coloring. Since she is two and new to coloring. Her crayons, pencils and other supplies were in their original boxes. After several openings, closing and the rough nature of a toddler, the boxes were starting to wear pretty fast. I decided we needed a crayon holder.

I started with an empty coffee can and a can of clearance spray paint I found at the local home improvement store. It is Rust-Oleum PaintPlus in satin finish in Strawflower.


I sprayed the can and the lid with several coats until it was evenly coated. (Tip: don’t spray the lid….it flaked off and made a mess. I’m not sure if I would have sealed it, if it would have stayed better.)

PB069791  Between coats of paint and waiting for it to dry, I went online and with a quick search found some free clip art images of crayons, colored pencils and a paint brush.

I cut out each one image. Using a piece of paper that was the length of the perimeter of the can, lined them up looking for a pattern I liked. I mixed colors and implements. I debated between a solid line of continuous items and spaced out items in groupings of two, three or four. After playing around with several ideas, I ended up spacing them in apart in groups of two and threes.


I glued each one image on with Mod Podge. Then sealed it with three coats of Mod Podge allowing each coat to drive overnight.

Total cost of project: $3.18 (cost of paint, includes sales tax. I had the rest of the supplies.

My daughter and I both love her crayon can!



This post is completely my opinion.  I was not compensated nor asked by anyone to write this post.

Worst Blogger Ever???


I’ve been working on two large projects that I’m looking forward to sharing. One is a solution I’ve come up with to help me plan meals and the other is remodeling my bathroom. My husband has gone back to school, which has not given me a lot of time to work on projects and post what I’m up to. I hope to get both to you very soon.

In anticipation of the big bathroom reveal, check out my Pinterest Powder Room Makeover Design Board.

Spring Cleaning: Makeup Brushes



UPDATED NOTE 3/27/2012: Everyday Mineral Brushes are 40% off this week (or until supplies last)!! I’m on my way to complete my brush collection right now. 🙂



I cleaned my makeup brushes this week. I would be lying if I said I did this often. All information I have read indicates you should clean makeup weekly. I’m more of a every six month kind of gal. Gross, I know. Anyway, I received a new brush this week and I always clean those before I start using them. So I decided to clean them all and let them dry in the sun since it is so nice out (its been record high in the 80s here in Michigan).

When I get a new brush, I always wash it with shampoo, rinse, condition, then rinse again. I read somewhere that conditioning them keeps the hairs in the brush longer. I did a bit of research online on how to clean them. The most common method recommended cleaning them with shampoo, preferably baby shampoo since it is the gentlest.

One online video I watched recommended rubbing olive oil on the hairs before washing them with shampoo. I thought I would give this a try. You rub them in a bit of oil, then swirl them on a papertowel. It really removed a lot of the makeup before I washed them. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND FOR LARGER BRUSHES. It worked well with my small eye brushes, but my larger brushes still feel oily. YUCK! I’ve shampooed them several times and I can’t quite get all the oil out of the hairs. One tip I learned, which makes absolute sense, is to rinse the brushes with the hairs pointing down so the water does not go up into the shaft (and later rust).

My brushes are all from Everyday Minerals. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these brushes. They are super duper soft made from synthetic hair. They are 100% cruelty free. All their products are vegan, organic, eco-friendly and the company practices sustainability. I also am a huge fan of their eye shadows and mineral face powder.

My brushes (from left to right): Kabuki Junior, Flat Top Brush, Long Handled Kabuki, Angled Brow and Liner Brush, Dome Blending Eye Brush, Everyday Eye Smudge Brush, 2 Everyday Eye Shadow Brush (brand new and old), Oval Concealer Brush, and Eye Blending Brush.


If I could only live with two, they would be the Angled Brow and Liner Brush and the Everyday Eye Shadow Brush. On my wish list are the Tapered Sculpting Face Brush and the Angled Kabuki Brush.

I recommend cleaning your makeup brushes and checking out Everyday Minerals! (I have no affiliation with EDM, just love their products).

Do you have a favorite makeup brush?

Real Life Slow Motion Moments

We see them all the time in movies and on television. Someone turns and looks at someone else making an entrance. The wind is blowing their hair, they step out of a car or open a door in slow motion. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make that type of entrance in real life? Really make a point!

Plus I wish I had a body like Halle Berry!

I think that would be so much fun. Happy Friday everyone!

Happy Margarita Day



UPDATE MARCH 22, 2012: Add serving sizes


So the buzz on Twitter is its National Margarita Day! I’m all for that. I was recently at a party and had an amazing margarita made for me. Of course, I had to have the recipe. As with any recipe, use the BEST ingredients you can find, especially with tequila. If you ever had cheap tequila and have sworn it off forever, I recommend trying again with a top shelf one or even a middle shelf. I recommend Jose Cuervo or Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, both either the silver or gold (about $20 a bottle) or if you are feeling especially generous to yourself Patron (which is about $55 a bottle). Put on your favorite summer music, turn the furnace up, put on your bathing suit and sip a fresh lime margarita pretending it isn’t February. {ha ha ha}

FRESH LIME MARGARITA – makes 4 on the rocks margaritas
In a pitcher, combine:
1 1/2 cups lime zest cooler (see below)
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt (reduce to 1/8 teaspoon if you are rimming your glass with salt)
1/2 cup tequila, make it a good one
1/3 cup triple sec
1 lime, sliced into wedges for garnish
Mix thoroughly and chill. I like my salt in my drink (hence large amount above). You can serve your glass lined with salt. To do so, wet the rim of the glass with a bit of lime juice and dip onto a plate filled with kosher salt (a coarser salt is better for this).
Serve on the rocks with a lime wedge.
TIP: Keep all the liquid ingredients in the refrigerator (or the tequilla and triple sec in freezer) for the best chilled margarita.
LIME ZEST COOLER – makes enough for 2-1/2 of the above recipes (or 10 margaritas)
8 large limes
1 1/4 cups sugar
1 quart water
 Zest the limes. Add the zest to the sugar and water. In a separate bowl, juice the limes (you will need this for your margaritas tomorrow). Refrigerate both.
Soak the zest water overnight in the refrigerator.  Strain the lime zest out and reserve the liquid, discarding zest.
NOTE:  The lime zest cooler will stay fresh for two weeks, so make a larger batch!

Painted Glass



When I first saw the mod podge painted glass on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to try it.


Source: By Stephanie Lynn (which is gone – sad) via Pinterest, repinned from Nikole

I knew I wanted to add beads to my painted glass. I found this on Pinterest as well, but it wasn’t quite what I had in mind.


Source: CountryLiving.com via Pinterest, repinned from Erin

I kept looking and mulling over what I wanted and while I couldn’t find an example, I knew I what I wanted. I bought some beads, but after looking at the beads next to the glass piece I picked, I went back for bigger beads. This was a gift for my sister, so I picked brown to paint the glass to match her décor. I didn’t take any before or during photos, just a few crappy photos with my phone. But here is the final product:


To make, I mixed the mod podge with food coloring. Since I picked a large glass piece, I mixed a lot of mod podge (about 1 cup) and food coloring because I didn’t want to run out. In actually I probably only used a couple of tablespoons. To make brown, I mixed blue, yellow and red. Because I used so much modge podge, I used a lot of food coloring. I practiced on several old marinara jars and found I like the results when using the sponge brush and brushed two coats. I strung the beads on a 24 guage wire, wrapped it around the vase and used a few spots of hot glue to secure it in place. And here she rests on my sister’s mantle:


Let me know if you have any specific questions on the project and I’ll gladly answer them.

Kiondo Love



Recently our friend Carol returned from a trip home (Kenya) and my mother-in-law sent a new kiondo home with her for me. I’m absolutely loving it!


What is a kiondo you ask? Pronounced key-own-ndo, they are hand woven bags made from the leaves of the sisal plant. Wikipedia does a pretty good job of explaining the process.  When Joyce, my MIL, came for our wedding she brought me a more traditional kiondo. P2078866

When she said she was sending me one with Carol, I assumed it was like the traditional version. I love my first kiondo and use it all the time, so great for a quick trip to the market or taking a day trip to hold all the little items. It has also become our go-to road trip accessory bag (snacks, magazines, cell chargers, camera).

I immediately took the contents from my purse and moved them into my new bag. And I really needed an excuse to clean out my purse. I love the beadwork detail.


My two kiondo cousins 🙂