Recently our friend Carol returned from a trip home (Kenya) and my mother-in-law sent a new kiondo home with her for me. I’m absolutely loving it!


What is a kiondo you ask? Pronounced key-own-ndo, they are hand woven bags made from the leaves of the sisal plant. Wikipedia does a pretty good job of explaining the process.  When Joyce, my MIL, came for our wedding she brought me a more traditional kiondo. P2078866

When she said she was sending me one with Carol, I assumed it was like the traditional version. I love my first kiondo and use it all the time, so great for a quick trip to the market or taking a day trip to hold all the little items. It has also become our go-to road trip accessory bag (snacks, magazines, cell chargers, camera).

I immediately took the contents from my purse and moved them into my new bag. And I really needed an excuse to clean out my purse. I love the beadwork detail.


My two kiondo cousins 🙂