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My daughter loves coloring. Since she is two and new to coloring. Her crayons, pencils and other supplies were in their original boxes. After several openings, closing and the rough nature of a toddler, the boxes were starting to wear pretty fast. I decided we needed a crayon holder.

I started with an empty coffee can and a can of clearance spray paint I found at the local home improvement store. It is Rust-Oleum PaintPlus in satin finish in Strawflower.


I sprayed the can and the lid with several coats until it was evenly coated. (Tip: don’t spray the lid….it flaked off and made a mess. I’m not sure if I would have sealed it, if it would have stayed better.)

PB069791  Between coats of paint and waiting for it to dry, I went online and with a quick search found some free clip art images of crayons, colored pencils and a paint brush.

I cut out each one image. Using a piece of paper that was the length of the perimeter of the can, lined them up looking for a pattern I liked. I mixed colors and implements. I debated between a solid line of continuous items and spaced out items in groupings of two, three or four. After playing around with several ideas, I ended up spacing them in apart in groups of two and threes.


I glued each one image on with Mod Podge. Then sealed it with three coats of Mod Podge allowing each coat to drive overnight.

Total cost of project: $3.18 (cost of paint, includes sales tax. I had the rest of the supplies.

My daughter and I both love her crayon can!



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