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Years ago, I’m talking probably 10 years, a friend gave me this little purse painting. She bought it at an art fair, so I’ve never been able to find the source to purchase another. There it sat, lonely on the wall for all these years:


The room it is in is a small room that my husband and I use for our closet. We live in a small cape cod house. The second floor has a bedroom, half bath and this little room. You would fit a single bed in there if you wanted but not much else. It isn’t technically a bedroom since it doesn’t have a heat vent. We have one wall of closet. We built shelves on another wall. It is essentially a very large walk in closet. I love it!

Last week I had about half hour to kill so I went into Hobby Lobby. I found the answer to my problem! In the clearance section I found a vinyl decal of a dress form and in the frame section found a clearance frame. The total out the door purchase was $6.18. Not bad and I really like the final product.


I cut off the back part of the frame with a razor blade. (Sorry blurry photo – trying to take it left handed)


I then added the vinyl to the glass. I wanted to make sure it was centered, so I measured the center of the frame using the backing. I also found the center of the vinyl form and wrote on the plastic covering. With the vinyl, it wasn’t centered on the plastic, so I used the height and width of the form itself.


A bit of quick math and I had my center, I lined up both and voila!


Next, I glued the glass to the frame. I started with a clear silicon my husband had. It expired in 2010. I let it set for two days. When it still hadn’t cured, I cleaned up the glass and frame and switched to good old super glue. That worked like a charm. I was careful when applying so I didn’t get any glue where it would show past the frame.

Then I added it to the wall.


Do you like the stencil that the previous home owner added and I’ve never done anything with? I have some buttercream colored paint that I plan on painting these builder white walls with. I’ve been planning on painting these walls for the 12 years I’ve lived here. With hopes of getting the house sold in the spring, I think they will be painted real soon.

What do you think for my $6 investment???