Pinterest = Crack {take four}


Fourth times a charm??? For the life of me, I couldn’t get my original post with the same title to stick (let’s be honest my only post). I made it pretty and perfect and when I would publish, nada. I couldn’t get it to save, didn’t even have a save button. So I gave up and now two weeks later, am giving it one last try!

A friend on Facebook recently had this as her status and I couldn’t agree more. If you aren’t already pinning on Pinterest, I recommend running over and signing up. It is an amazingly fabulous waste of time (and I mean that in a genuine, sincerest of ways). I am a visual person so I love the concept. I wish I knew about it (if it existed at the time) when I was planning my wedding. Instead I made my own boards by saving photos I liked in Word documents.

Recently I have…..

Made Santa Hat Brownies


Source: Erica’s Sweet Tooth via Pinterest, repined from Kathy

I made Mascarpone Vanilla Frosting from Daisy’s World instead of using white chocolate

Took similar photos of Baby Girl in white lights to send out with holiday cards to family and friends


Source: JoopJoop Designs via Pinterest, repined from Patti

And am planning on doing something similar over our bed (although thinking of using initials instead of words).


Source: Two Girlz Stuff via Pinterest, repined from Malia




Hello world!

Well, I have started two previous blogs. One for my personal chef business ( which I think I did a fairly good job of keeping up on at different points in time. The second never really got off the ground ( This was for a short period of my life when I went gluten free. I felt fabulous during that time and I need to get back to it. Both of these were tied to my personal chef business and now I want to blog for enjoyment, to share my crafty projects and keep discussing food. My life is at a point right now where I need a creative outlet and I’m hoping this can (at least on a small level) provide that. So, fasten your seat belts…….